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Arovane - Minth / Neel   

Label: City Centre Offices
Catalog Number: BLOCK 019
Country: Germany
Release Date: 2003-Mar-31
Format: Vinyl (7")

Ltd 1000 Various stickers included with this 7" are named after all the people who helped the label in various ways: 'Nancy Rose' 'Stefan Betke' 'Thomas Morr' 'Michael Mayer' 'Rhys Jones' 'Miles Whittaker' 'Guy Schragger' 'Wolfgang Petters' 'Rashad' 'Howie Mather' 'Sonia Stott' 'Loop-o' 'Tjoss May' 'Torsten Profrock' 'Simon Tonkinson' Etching: "The 7" file has now been closed...goodbye"

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