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Atelier Folie - Leave Me Alone   

Label: Disco Modernism
Catalog Number: DM 005
Country: Italy
Release Date: 2013-Nov-26
Format: Vinyl (12")

Disco Modernism presents a previously unreleased song by Italo legends Francesco Rago and Gigi Farina, producers of several 80's cult disco records under different alias as Atelier Folie, 'Lectric Workers, Expansives, Message From The Future, Wanexa and Decadance. The release is strictly limited to 300 12” vinyls. The record collects the original 1985 version of “Leave Me Alone” plus 2013 remixes courtesy of Italoconnection, Flemming Dalum, Leo Mas and Fabrice and a Rago & Farina rework as 'Lectric Workers.

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