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Be Bop Deluxe - The Best Of And The Rest Of Be Bop Deluxe   


  • A1)   Axe Victim
  • A2)   Maid In Heaven
  • A3)   Music In Dreamland
  • A4)   Sister Seagull
  • A5)   Sleep That Burns
  • A6)   Ships In The Night
  • B1)   Blazing Apostles
  • B2)   Kiss Of Light
  • B3)   Dance Of The Uncle Sam Humanoids
  • B4)   Forbidden Lovers
  • B5)   Panic In The World
  • C1)   Blimps
  • C2)   Autosexual
  • C3)   Lovers Are Mortal
  • C4)   Shine
  • C5)   Quest For The Harvest Of The Stars
  • D1)   Japan
  • D2)   Speed Of The Wind
  • D3)   Lights
  • D4)   Blue As A Jewel
  • D5)   Face In The Rain
  • D6)   Futurist Manifesto

Track listing above is from 1979-Jan-01 | Canada | Harvest - SKBO-11870 LP

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