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Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill   

The Beastie Boys' debut full length album on Def Jam, produced by Rick Rubin. Yeah, it mighta been a little juvenille, but who cares, it's fun! When this record came out, it woulda been hard to imagine that these guys would mature and become activists all the while still cranking out the rhymes for almost 30 years! This one is chock-full of pretty obvious Led Zeppelin and other samples on megahits "Fight For Your Right", "Brass Monkey", "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" and "Girls" among many other memorable tracks.

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  • A1)   Rhymin & Stealin
  • A2)   The New Style
  • A3)   She's Crafty
  • A4)   Posse In Effect
  • A5)   Slow Ride
  • A6)   Girls
  • A7)   Fight For Your Right
  • B1)   No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  • B2)   Paul Revere
  • B3)   Hold It Now, Hit It
  • B4)   Brass Monkey
  • B5)   Slow And Low
  • B6)   Time To Get Ill

Track listing above is from 1986-Jan-01 | Germany | Def Jam Recordings - DEF 450062 1 LP

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