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Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique   

I, like many other listeners and critics, was sure that the Beaties Boys were a one-album-wonder after the smash success of Licensed to Ill in 1986. Well MCA, Mike D and Ad-Rock proved everyone wrong with the masterpiece Paul's Boutique. While it wasn't the immediate hit that its debut was, the Dust Brothers produced album has gone on to be seen as a watershed moment in hip hop history. And the record sounds as fresh today as it did back then. Of course the deep bass lines are served best on vinyl!

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  • A1)   To All The Girls
  • A2)   Shake Your Rump
  • A3)   Johnny Ryall
  • A4)   Egg Man
  • A5)   High Plains Drifter
  • A6)   The Sounds Of Science
  • A7)   3-minute Rule
  • A8)   Hey Ladies
  • B1)   5-piece Chicken Dinner
  • B2)   Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
  • B3)   Car Thief
  • B4)   What Comes Around
  • B5)   Shadrach
  • B6)   Ask For Janice
  • B7)   B-Boy Bouillabaisse
  • B7a)   59 Chrystine Street
  • B7b)   Get On The Mic
  • B7c)   Stop The Train
  • B7d)   A Year And A Day
  • B7e)   Hello Brooklyn
  • B7f)   Dropping Names
  • B7g)   Lay It On Me
  • B7h)   Mike On The Mic
  • B7i)   A.W.O.L.

Track listing above is from 1989-Jan-01 | Europe | Capitol Records - 064-7 91743 1 LP

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