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The Beatles - The Alternate Yellow Submarine   


  • A1)   Yellow Submarine (Instrumental)
  • A2)   Only A Norhtern Song
  • A3)   All Together Now
  • A4)   Hey Bulldog
  • A5)   It's All Too Much
  • B1)   All You Need Is Love
  • B2)   All You Need Is Love
  • B3)   Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  • B4)   Hey Bulldog
  • B5)   Baby You're A Rich Man
  • B6)   It's All Too Much
  • B7)   She Can Talk To Me #2

Track listing above is from 2008-Jan-01 | Europe | The Swingin' Pig (2) - TSP 500-26/1 LP

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