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The Beatles - The Beatles Vs. Don Ho   


  • A1)   Too Much Monkey Business
  • A2)   My Girl Is Red Hot
  • A3)   A Hard Day's Night Promo Spot
  • A4)   Sitar Play And Discussion With George Harrison
  • A5)   Interview With John And Paul
  • A6)   I'll Be On My Way
  • A7)   Help! Promo Spot
  • A8)   All You Need Is Love Worldwide Telecast
  • A9)   Beatles Christmas Message
  • A10)   A Quick One While He's Away
  • A11)   Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life
  • B1)   Give Peace A Chance
  • B2)   Twist And Shout
  • B3)   Carol / Lend Me Your Comb
  • B4)   Everybody's Tryin To Be My Baby
  • B5)   Soldier Of Love
  • B6)   Mellotron Music
  • B7)   Maxwell's Silver Hammer
  • B8)   Honey Don't
  • B9)   Guitar Blues
  • B10)   I'm Down
  • B11)   Tiny Bubbles

Track listing above is from 1979-Jan-01 | US | Melvin Records (2) - MM08 LP

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