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The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night   

The third studio record from The Beatles released in 1964 features huge hits "Can't Buy Me Love" and "Hard Day's Night". All songs were credited as written by Lennon/McCartney, but Lennon did the lion's share of the actual writing; listening to this record you can just hear that this is a mostly Lennon record. A Hard Day's Night is a great jingly-jangly rock album with a great flow and is an excellent record from top to bottom.


  • A1)   Вечер Трудного Дня · A Hard Day's Night
  • A2)   Мне Стоило Знать · I Should Have Known Better
  • A3)   Если Я Полюблю · If I Fell
  • A4)   Как Счастлив Я Танцевать С Тобой · I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
  • A5)   Я Люблю Ее · And I Love Her
  • A6)   Скажи Мне, Почему · Tell Me Why
  • A7)   Любовь Не Купишь · Can't Buy Me Love
  • B1)   Когда Угодно · Any Time At All
  • B2)   Я Буду Рыдать · I'll Cry Instead
  • B3)   Слова, Что Сказаны Сегодня · Things We Said Today
  • B4)   Не Смей! · You Can't Do That
  • B5)   Я Вернусь · I'll Be Back

Track listing above is from 1986-Jan-01 | USSR | Мелодия - С60 23579 008 LP

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