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The Beatles - Let It Be   

The Beatles last studio album, a thrown-together resurrection of a previously abandoned effort, isn't the Beatles' best record, but this is the Beatles we're talking about... it's all relative... this is still an excellent record. Includes "Let It Be", "Across The Universe", "The Long And Winding Road", "Get Back" and 8 other tracks.

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  • A1)   Two Of Us
  • A2)   Dig A Pony
  • A3)   Across The Universe
  • A4)   I Me Mine
  • A5)   Dig It
  • A6)   Let It Be
  • A7)   Maggie May
  • B1)   I've Got A Feeling
  • B2)   One After 909
  • B3)   The Long And Winding Road
  • B4)   For You Blue
  • B5)   Get Back

Track listing above is from 1970-Jan-01 | Brazil | Apple Records - BTL 1013 LP

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