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The Beatles - Rubber Soul   

For me, the one-two punch of Rubber Soul and then Revolver make 1966 my favorite year of the Beatles! In some ways, Rubber Soul is my favorite Beatles album. They've still got the last bit of their innocence from the first half of their career (before the drug-inspired era really takes over, not that there's anything wrong with that :) ). This album has an added maturity and song complexity over their previous albums and they continue to improve on the album as an artform. This album famously inspired Brian Wilson to create Pet Sounds and listening to it, you can kinda understand why it did.

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  • A1)   Drive My Car
  • A2)   Norwegian Wood (The Bird Has Flown)
  • A3)   You Won't See Me
  • A4)   Nowhere Man
  • A5)   Think For Yourself
  • A6)   The Word
  • A7)   Michelle
  • B1)   What Goes On
  • B2)   Girl
  • B3)   I'm Looking Through You
  • B4)   In My Life
  • B5)   Wait
  • B6)   If I Needed Someone
  • B7)   Run For Your Life

Track listing above is from 2014-Sep-09 | UK, Europe & US | Parlophone - PMC 1267 LP

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