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Bert Henry - Bert Henry At The Hungry Thigh   


  • A1)   Nudist Camp Nuts
  • A2)   Nervous Tonight
  • A3)   Massaging Her Joint
  • A4)   Sex Drive
  • A5)   Four Letter Words
  • A6)   Easy Pick-up
  • A7)   In Her Pants
  • A8)   The First Man
  • A9)   Sister Love
  • A10)   Sunbathing Nude
  • A11)   The Newlyweds
  • A12)   First Dessert
  • A13)   Pre-Marital Relations
  • A14)   The French Maid
  • A15)   Cat O' Ninetails
  • A16)   Working In A Whorehouse
  • A17)   Come In Young Man
  • A18)   Women In Bed
  • A19)   The Big Eater
  • A20)   No Guilty Feelings
  • A21)   The Traveling Prostitute
  • A22)   Gambling Blood
  • A23)   Peg Leg Bride
  • A24)   The Proposition
  • A25)   The Senators' Who's Who
  • A26)   Time To Teach
  • A27)   The Zoo
  • A28)   The Maternity Ward
  • A29)   The Big Stiff
  • A30)   On Too Long
  • A31)   French Rabbits
  • B1)   Two In Bed
  • B2)   Beat The Band
  • B3)   Hawaiian Nurse
  • B4)   Sister Act
  • B5)   A Tart Is Not A Cake
  • B6)   Up Your Bracket
  • B7)   The Queer Pickpocket
  • B8)   Keep America Moving
  • B9)   Convenient Hours
  • B10)   The Hot Tip
  • B11)   The Talking Horse
  • B12)   The Famous Horse Race Broadcast
  • B13)   Unzipped Fly
  • B14)   Passing Wind
  • B15)   Golfing Fun
  • B16)   Expensive Nuts
  • B17)   Expense Account
  • B18)   The Adult Western
  • B19)   Commercials You'll Never Hear
  • B20)   The New TV Series
  • B21)   Sneaky Bill
  • B22)   Lady In Pasadena
  • B23)   The Famous Soap Commercial
  • B24)   Going Down
  • B25)   Nude On A Bed
  • B26)   The Sexual Urge
  • B27)   Feeling Fanny
  • B28)   Sex Survey

Track listing above is from US | Fax Record Company - FAXLP 3004 LP

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