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Bette Davis - Miss Bette Davis   


  • A1)   Overture, Leading Into "They're Either Too Young Or Too Old"
  • A2)   Life Is A Lonely Thing
  • A3)   Until It's Time For You To Go
  • A4)   Growing Older, Feeling Younger
  • A5)   It Can't Be Wrong
  • B1)   I've Written A Letter To Daddy
  • B2)   Loneliness
  • B3)   Mother Of The Bride
  • B4)   Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
  • B5)   Speech From The 20th Century-Fox Film "All About Eve" / Liebestraume
  • B6)   I Wish You Love

Track listing above is from 1976-Jan-01 | UK | EMI - EMA 778 LP

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