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Big Star - Radio City   

Radio City is the second album by the American rock group Big Star. Released in 1974, Radio City was recorded during 1973 at Memphis' Ardent Studios. Though not a commercial success at the time, it is now recognized as a milestone album in the history of power pop music. Critically acclaimed upon its release, the record sold poorly, partly due to a lack of promotion and the distribution problems of the band's struggling record label, Ardent Records. The album included "September Gurls" and "Back of a Car", which remain among the most famous Big Star songs; both the Searchers and the Bangles have covered "September Gurls". The original Ardent Records LP featured record-jacket photographs by noted photographer William Eggleston, including The Red Ceiling on the cover. Eggleston was a close friend of Chilton's. Radio City is notable for its unique, chewy guitar sound and live-sounding yet meticulous textures, and for its somewhat tortuous recording history. The album shows the influence of British Invasion bands such as The Beatles and The Kinks.


  • A1)   O, My Soul
  • A2)   Life Is White
  • A3)   Way Out West
  • A4)   What's Goin' Ahn
  • A5)   You Get What You Deserve
  • B1)   Mod Lang
  • B2)   Back Of A Car
  • B3)   Daisy Glaze
  • B4)   She's A Mover
  • B5)   September Gurls
  • B6)   Morpha Too
  • B7)   I'm In Love With A Girl

Track listing above is from 1974-Jan-01 | US | Ardent Records (2) - ADS-1501 LP

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