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Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality   

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  • )   Record One: Original Album 1971
  • A1)   Sweet Leaf
  • A2)   After Forever
  • A3)   Embryo
  • A4)   Children Of The Grave
  • B1)   Orchid
  • B2)   Lord Of This World
  • B3)   Solitude
  • B4)   Into The Void
  • )   Record Two: Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks
  • C1)   Weevil Woman '71
  • C2)   Sweet Leaf (Studio Outtake Featuring Alternative Lyrics)
  • C3)   After Forever (Studio Outtake - Instrumental)
  • C4)   Children Of The Grave (Studio Outtake Featuring Alternative Lyrics)
  • D1)   Children Of The Grave (Studio Outtake - Instrumental)
  • D2)   Orchid (Studio Outtake - With Tony Count-In)
  • D3)   Lord Of This World (Studio Outtake Featuring Piano & Slide Guitar)
  • D4)   Solitude (Studio Outtake - Intro With Alternative Guitar Tuning)
  • D5)   Into The Void "Spanish Sid" (Studio Outtake - Alternative Version)

Track listing above is from 2009-Jun-29 | Europe | Sanctuary Records - 2701103 LP

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