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Black Sheep Squadron - Foreign Object   


  • A1)   Quick Fix
  • A2)   Berserk
  • A3)   Bonehead
  • A4)   Have Some Self Respect
  • A5)   Underdogs
  • A6)   Papers Please
  • A7)   More Pain
  • B1)   Rejects
  • B2)   I'll Never Get It
  • B3)   Assault City Hardcore
  • B4)   I Want Out
  • B5)   Better You Than Me
  • B6)   Suburbia (Adrenalin O.D. Cover)
  • B7)   My Own Mind (Uniform Choice Cover)

Track listing above is from 2006-Jan-01 | US | Reaper Records (2) - 06 LP

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