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Blood Feast - Last Offering Before The Chopping Block   


  • A1)   The Last Remains/Heavens Holocaust
  • A2)   Chopping Block Blues
  • A3)   Trail Of Death
  • A4)   Dropping Like Flies
  • A5)   Curse Of The Womb
  • B1)   Chemically Imbalanced
  • B2)   Haunted Stalked And Slain
  • B3)   Spasmodic
  • B4)   Spasmodic Studio Outtake
  • B5)   Trail Of Death Outtake 1
  • B6)   Trail Of Death Outtake 2

Track listing above is from 2013-Jul-31 | Germany | Hellion Records - HE 690713 LP

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