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Blood - Heinous Noise / Spasmo Paralytic Dreams / No Regret   

Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Catalog Number: ANTI-GOTH 359
Country: US
Release Date: 2017-Sep-20
Format: Vinyl (LP)

"Die Hard" edition set including the releases "[r=10886607]" on translucent red vinyl, ''[r=10886627]" on translucent purple vinyl and "[r=10886636]" on translucent green vinyl. Each release is housed in its own jacket, and additionally this set includes a vinyl sticker, a woven patch and a black-and-white booklet containing old interviews and promo material titled "Heinous Noise Mongers". The set is packaged in a tote bag emblazoned with the Nuclear War Now! Productions "gunmen" logo.

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