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Bob Dylan - Desire   

Dylan shows an unlikely innocence and a greater sense of the world around him on this 1976 follow-up to the more cynical and introspective Blood on the Tracks. Working with lyricist Jacques Levy, Dylan offers a work with rougher edges and greater urgency that is distinguished by the prominence of Scarlet Rivera's melancholy violin and Emmylou Harris's bare harmonies. The album features two of Dylan's famous wrongly accused-and-misunderstood-criminal sagas but truly peaks elsewhere. Exotic imagery meshes with simple melody on "Isis," one of Dylan's most appealing rambles. The droning piano and plodding drums propel a mystical journey that contains some of his most insightful (and most ridiculous) lyrics about paranoia, trust, betrayal, and, of course, desire. ("What drives me to you is what drives me insane.") In the end Dylan shows no signs of being jaded by love's fickleness. Delicate and heartbreaking, the finale "Sara" is a gift to his ex-wife that eloquently recounts the wonders of a relationship,


  • A1)   Hurricane
  • A2)   Isis
  • A3)   Mozambique
  • A4)   One More Cup Of Coffee
  • A5)   Oh Sister
  • B1)   Joey
  • B2)   Romance In Durango
  • B3)   Black Diamond Bay
  • B4)   Sara

Track listing above is from 1976-Jan-01 | Japan | CBS/SONY - SOPO-116 LP

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