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Brian Eno - Another Green World   

Eno first emerged as a member of Roxy Music, where the synthesizer player electronically "treated" the band's other instruments, the first indicator that the recording process was itself Eno's chosen instrument. His subsequent career has been one of the most provocative in pop, for not only did he devote himself to such obscure pursuits as "ambient music," but he produced vital albums by David Bowie, Talking Heads, and U2. Eno made a handful of relatively conventional pop albums in the 1970s, and Another Green World ranks with Before and After Science as his most enduring solo work. Another Green World finds Eno mixing distorted guitars (courtesy of Robert Fripp) with a variety of keyboards and exotic rhythms to create a meditative wash of sound that is nonetheless awash with colorful touches. Particularly appealing is the bubbling "St. Elmo's Fire," with a stunning guitar part by Fripp, and "I'll Come Running," in which Eno shows that even a dedicated experimentalist

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  • A1)   Sky Saw
  • A2)   Over Fire Island
  • A3)   St. Elmo's Fire
  • A4)   In Dark Trees
  • A5)   The Big Ship
  • A6)   I'll Come Running
  • A7)   Another Green World
  • B1)   Sombre Reptiles
  • B2)   Little Fishes
  • B3)   Golden Hours
  • B4)   Becalmed
  • B5)   Zawinul/Lava
  • B6)   Everything Merges With The Night
  • B7)   Spirits Drifting

Track listing above is from 1975-Aug-31 | US | Island Records - ILPS 9351 LP

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