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Bruce Springsteen - The Rising   

Although it seemed the Boss had put writing rock anthems behind him after Born in the U.S.A., his longtime fans knew if any artist could write anthems addressing September 11, 2001, and not make them sound jingoistic, it would be Bruce Springsteen. The numerous anthems on his much-anticipated first full-length album with the E Street Band in 18 years are subtler than those of the Born to Run era. But the elements are all there: the joyous rocking strains of "Countin' on a Miracle," "Mary's Place," and "Waitin' on a Sunny Day"; the dark overtones of "Further on Up the Road"; the stunning guitar solo that closes "Worlds Apart," a dramatic Arabic-tinged piece detailing star-crossed love between a Muslim and an "infidel." Although most of these songs deal with death and tragedy, they still inspire. But while the lyrics are intriguing, what's more remarkable is how well The Rising works as epic rock & roll as it draws from rockabilly, soul, doo-wop hard rock, country, and even industrial. To


  • A1)   Lonesome Day
  • A2)   Into The Fire
  • A3)   Waitin' On A Sunny Day
  • 4A)   Nothing Man
  • B1)   Countin' On A Miracle
  • B2)   Empty Sky
  • B3)   Worlds Apart
  • B4)   Let's Be Friends (Skin To Skin)
  • C1)   Further On (Up The Road)
  • C2)   The Fuse
  • C3)   Mary's Place
  • D1)   You're Missing
  • D2)   The Rising
  • D3)   Paradise
  • D4)   My City In Ruins

Track listing above is from 2002-Jan-01 | Europe | Columbia - COL 508000 1 LP

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