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Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady   

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  • A1)   Orgasm Addict
  • A2)   What Do I Get?
  • A3)   I Don't Mind
  • A4)   Love You More
  • A5)   Ever Fallen In Love?
  • A6)   Promises
  • A7)   Everybody's Happy Nowadays
  • A8)   Harmony In My Head
  • B1)   Whatever Happened To?
  • B2)   Oh Shit!
  • B3)   Autonomy
  • B4)   Noise Annoys
  • B5)   Just Lust
  • B6)   Lipstick
  • B7)   Why Can't I Touch It?
  • B8)   Something's Gone Wrong Again

Track listing above is from 1979 | Europe | Fame - FA 3241 LP

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