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Cheap Trick - In Color   

Cheap Trick's second album (and second of '77!) doesn't exactly pick up where its classic, hard-edged debut left off; it was the "Power" and this is the "Pop." Their workaholic gigs as an unsigned Midwest bar band in the mid-'70s left them with an impressive backlog of original material, another batch of which forms the core of In Color. Though the band disdained producer Tom Werman's bubblegum-flavored touches, it was indeed the kinder, gentler Cheap Trick that Japanese audiences first took to their hearts at Budokan, with the rest of the world soon to follow. That approach is best exemplified by the evergreen "I Want You to Want Me" (which didn't become a hit until Live at Budokan), here dolled up with a Fats Domino-flavored piano break. While Werman's poppy approach dilutes the band's wall-of-noise live bent, it also underscores their impressive individual musical talents: Rick Nielsen's manic riffing on "Big Eyes" and the album's other retro-burner, "Clock Strikes Ten"; Robin Zander's vocal


  • A1)   Hello There
  • A2)   Big Eyes
  • A3)   Downed
  • A4)   I Want You To Want Me
  • A5)   You're All Talk
  • B1)   Oh Caroline
  • B2)   Clock Strikes Ten
  • B3)   Southern Girls
  • B4)   Come On, Come On
  • B5)   So Good To See You

Track listing above is from 1977-Jan-01 | US | Epic - PE 34884 LP

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