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The Clash - London Calling   

One of the greatest pop punk rock records ever (and one of the greatest album covers ever!), London Calling was released in 1979. The double album was a great comeback after their disappointing Give 'Em Enough Rope from 1978. Features the Top 40 hit (unlisted on some editions) track "Train in Vain" as well as the title track, "Brand New Cadillac", "Lost In The Supermarket", "Four Horsemen", "Rudy Can't Fail" and tons of excellent other tracks. An essential recording and best served on vinyl!

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  • A1)   London Calling
  • A2)   Brand New Cadillac
  • A3)   Jimmy Jazz
  • A4)   Hateful
  • A5)   Rudie Can't Fail
  • B1)   Spanish Bombs
  • B2)   The Right Profile
  • B3)   Lost In The Supermarket
  • B4)   Clampdown
  • B5)   The Guns Of Brixton
  • C1)   Wrong 'Em Boyo
  • C2)   Death Or Glory
  • C3)   Koka Kola
  • C4)   The Card Cheat
  • D1)   Lover's Rock
  • D2)   Four Horsemen
  • D3)   I'm Not Down
  • D4)   Revolution Rock
  • D5)   Train In Vain

Track listing above is from 1979-Jan-01 | Canada | Epic - E2 36328 LP

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