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The Clash - Sandinista!   


  • A1)   The Magnificent Seven
  • A2)   Hitsville U.K.
  • A3)   Junco Partner
  • A4)   Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
  • A5)   The Leader
  • A6)   Something About England
  • B1)   Rebel Waltz
  • B2)   Look Here
  • B3)   The Crooked Beat
  • B4)   Somebody Got Murdered
  • B5)   One More Time
  • B6)   One More Dub
  • C1)   Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)
  • C2)   Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)
  • C3)   Corner Soul
  • C4)   Lets Go Crazy
  • C5)   If Music Could Talk
  • C6)   The Sound Of Sinners
  • D1)   Police On My Back
  • D2)   Midnight Log
  • D3)   The Equaliser
  • D4)   The Call Up
  • D5)   Washington Bullets
  • D6)   Broadway
  • E1)   Lose This Skin
  • E2)   Charlie Don't Surf
  • E3)   Mensforth Hill
  • E4)   Junkie Slip
  • E5)   Kingston Advice
  • E6)   The Street Parade
  • F1)   Version City
  • F2)   Living In Fame
  • F3)   Silicone On Sapphire
  • F4)   Version Pardner
  • F5)   Career Opportunities
  • F6)   Shephards Delight

Track listing above is from 1980-Jan-01 | US | Epic - E3X 37037 LP

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