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The Cure - Boys Don't Cry   

Boys Don't Cry is an album by The Cure, released in August 1980. It is the U.S. version of their UK debut album, Three Imaginary Boys, differing slightly in track order and missing three of that album's songs ("Foxy Lady," "Meathook," "It's Not You") while adding others ("Boys Don't Cry," "Plastic Passion," "Jumping Someone Else's Train", "World War" and "Killing an Arab"). The debut single from this album was "Boys Don't Cry".


  • A1)   Boys Don't Cry
  • A2)   Plastic Passion
  • A3)   10:15 Saturday Night
  • A4)   Accuracy
  • A5)   Object
  • A6)   Jumping Someone Else's Train
  • A7)   Subway Song
  • B1)   Killing An Arab
  • B2)   Fire In Cairo
  • B3)   Another Day
  • B4)   Grinding Halt
  • B5)   World War
  • B6)   Three Imaginary Boys

Track listing above is from 1980-Jan-01 | France | Fiction Records - 2442 178 LP

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