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David Bowie - Low   

Low is my personal favorite Bowie album. It was released in as the first of the "Berlin Trilogy" albums done with Brian Eno (the next two being "Heroes" and Lodger). Tons of great, moody pieces on this one... "Sound and Vision", "What In The World", "Be My Wife" and the entire crazy mostly instrumental side two.

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  • A1)   Speed Of Life
  • A2)   Breaking Glass
  • A3)   What In The World
  • A4)   Sound And Vision
  • A5)   Always Crashing In The Same Car
  • A6)   Be My Wife
  • A7)   A New Career In A New Town
  • B1)   Warszawa
  • B2)   Art Decade
  • B3)   Weeping Wall
  • B4)   Subterraneans

Track listing above is from 1981-Jan-01 | UK | RCA International - INTS 5065 LP

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