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  • A1)   Accidents Will Happen
  • A2)   Senior Service
  • A3)   Oliver's Army
  • A4)   Big Boys
  • A5)   Green Shirt
  • A6)   Party Girl
  • B1)   Goon Squad
  • B2)   Busy Bodies
  • B3)   Moods For Moderns
  • B4)   Chemistry Class
  • B5)   Two Little Hitlers
  • B6)   (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding
  • C1)   Accidents Will Happen
  • C2)   Alison
  • D1)   Watching The Detectives

Track listing above is from 1979-Feb-10 | Japan | Radar Records (5) - P.10627F LP

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