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Elvis Presley - Rare Elvis   


  • A1)   Early Mornin' Rain
  • A2)   Hawaiian Wedding Song
  • A3)   Ku-U-I-Po
  • A4)   No More (La Paloma)
  • A5)   It's Only Love
  • A6)   Come What May
  • A7)   I'm Yours
  • A8)   The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  • A9)   Patch It Up
  • B1)   Don't Cry Daddy
  • B2)   High-Heel Sneakers
  • B3)   Lover Doll
  • B4)   Doncha' Think It's Time
  • B5)   The Sound Of Your Cry
  • B6)   Elvis Sails: Press Interview With Elvis Presley (At Brooklyn Army Terminal)
  • B7)   Elvis Presley's Newsreel Interview
  • B8)   Pat Hernon Interviews Elvis In The Library Of U.S.S. Randall At Sailing

Track listing above is from 1980-Jan-01 | Germany | RCA - PL-42935 LP

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