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Eminem - The Slim Shady LP   

On The Slim Shady LP, Eminem wants it all. He's conflicted, you see; the world has treated him badly, and he wants to respond in kind. But he isn't a straight-up gangsta--this is, after all, the first release on Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records, his post-Death Row-era venture--and Eminem (born Marshall Mathers) doesn't really want anyone to follow in his footsteps, which leads to some interesting contradictions on this album. In the first single, "My Name Is," he's self-deprecating, rapping about his poor upbringing and his hairy palms. But on the very next song, "Guilty Conscience," he plays the devil to Dr. Dre's angel--that is, until Eminem brings up an incident from Dre's devilish past, rapping, "You gonna take advice from someone who slapped Dee Barnes?" Later, on "'97 Bonnie & Clyde," he turns Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us" on its ear, making it a tale of murder; but on "My Fault," he actually feels bad--though whether it's for the girl he overdosed or for himself is tough to figure out. With his


  • A1)   Public Service Announcment
  • A2)   My Name Is
  • A3)   Guilty Conscience
  • A4)   Brain Damage
  • A5)   Paul
  • B1)   If I Had
  • B2)   97' Bonnie & Clyde
  • B3)   Bitch
  • B4)   Role Model
  • B5)   Lounge
  • B6)   My Fault
  • C1)   Ken Kaniff
  • C2)   Cum On Everybody
  • C3)   Rock Bottom
  • C4)   Just Don't Give A Fuck
  • D1)   Soap
  • D2)   As The World Turns
  • D3)   I'm Shady
  • D4)   Bad Meets Evil
  • D5)   Still Don't Give A Fuck

Track listing above is from 1999-Jan-01 | US | Interscope Records - INT2-90287 LP

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