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Given their monumental legacy, it's hard to imagine that the so-called "classic edition" of Fleetwood Mac essentially came together casually over chips and margaritas at an L.A. eatery; the then-obscure duo of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks (whose own mid-'70s debut album had initially gone almost straight to the cut-out bins) became the crucial axis of the legendary band without so much as a formal audition. As the eponymous title suggests, the 1975 Mac realignment seems like a fresh start, though tracks like Christine McVie's smooth-jazz inflected "Warm Ways" hearken back to the Bob Welch/Bare Trees/Heroes Are Hard to Find era. But it's Buckingham's compelling, updated take on '60s California folk-pop, informed by the mystique of Nicks's proto-New Age song-sorceress presumptions, that breathed new life into the veteran, chameleonic band on now-familiar songs like "Monday Morning" and "Rhiannon." His chemistry with McVie is no less powerful, yielding such Mac staples as their collaboratio


  • A1)   Monday Morning
  • A2)   Warm Ways
  • A3)   Blue Letter
  • A4)   Rhiannon
  • A5)   Over My Head
  • A6)   Crystal
  • B1)   Say You Love Me
  • B2)   Landslide
  • B3)   World Turning
  • B4)   Sugar Daddy
  • B5)   I'm So Afraid

Track listing above is from Germany | Reprise Records - REP 54043 LP

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