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The Flying Burrito Bros - The Gilded Palace Of Sin   

The Gilded Palace of Sin is an album by the country rock group The Flying Burrito Brothers, released in 1969. It continued Gram Parsons' and Chris Hillman's pioneering work in modern country music, fusing traditional sources like folk and country with other forms of popular music like gospel, soul, and rock & roll.


  • A1)   Christine's Tune
  • A2)   Sin City
  • A3)   Do Right Woman
  • A4)   Dark End Of The Street
  • A5)   My Uncle
  • B1)   Wheels
  • B2)   Juanita
  • B3)   Hot Burrito #1
  • B4)   Hot Burrito #2
  • B5)   Do You Know How It Feels
  • B6)   Hippie Boy

Track listing above is from 1969-Jan-01 | US | A&M Records - SP 4175 LP

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