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Fugees - The Score   

Their remake of "Killing Me Softly" was the hit, but that's only the beginning of the story. A hip-hop trio whose talents reach out into the world of the pop song (Wyclef Jean is a fine guitar player, and Lauryn Hill's a heck of a singer), the Fugees are also all distinctive, inventive rappers--you find yourself waiting for each of them to take the next verse in turn. The beats are the familiar crossed-armed boom-bip, but the group's understated grooves and subtle effects lie low in the mix. Aside from two kicky covers of classics (the other is Marley's "No Woman, No Cry"), The Score's focus is on the stars' rhyming with the free-form grace of performance poets and showing that they've thought deeply about the issues they raise. --Douglas Wolk


  • A1)   Red Intro
  • A2)   How Many Mics
  • A3)   Ready Or Not
  • A4)   Zealots
  • A5)   The Beast
  • B1)   Fu-Gee-La
  • B2)   Family Business
  • B3)   Killing Me Softly
  • C1)   The Score
  • C2)   The Mask
  • C3)   Cowboys
  • D1)   No Woman, No Cry
  • D2)   Manifest / Outro

Track listing above is from 2012-Jan-01 | US | Columbia - 88765400911 LP

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