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By 1967 the Grateful Dead had emerged from the bluegrass scene around San Francisco in the early 1960s, and decided to go electric after hearing bands such as the Rolling Stones. They had been around for about two years and had been under previous names such as the Warlocks and the Emergency Crew. They were signed to Warner Brothers Records in 1966 after Joe Smith, Warner Bros. president, saw them in San Francisco. The band at this time consisted of Jerry Garcia (vocals/lead guitar), Bob Weir (vocals/rhythm guitar) Bill Kreutzmann (drums), Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (vocals/harp/organ) and Phil Lesh (vocals/bass). This album was released in March 1967, recorded in a marathon time of about 70 hours. The album was very rough and tumble, and only one song hinted torwards the epic jams in their live shows - Viola Lee Blues ... partial Amazon Customer Review

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  • A1)   Bertha
  • A2)   Mama Tried
  • A3)   Big Railroad Blues
  • A4)   Playing In The Band
  • B1)   The Other One
  • C1)   Me & My Uncle
  • C2)   Big Boss Man
  • C3)   Me & Bobby McGee
  • C4)   Johnny B. Goode
  • D1)   Wharf Rat
  • D2)   Not Fade Away / Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad

Track listing above is from 2012-May-29 | US | Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab - MFSL 2-367 LP

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