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Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking   

Though the songs aren't quite as good as those on Ritual De Lo Habitual, this album is much more consistent, with a heavy rock-funk-punk mix that's a pleasure to hear. The slower songs (especially "Summertime Rolls" and "Jane Says") work well, while the up-tempo material--in particular the closer "Pig's in Zen"--is both catchy and ambitious. It's a fine album overall, and if the band's Zeppelin-ward aspirations don't quite work, their music is still quite good in its own right. --Genevieve Williams

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  • A1)   Up The Beach
  • A2)   Ocean Size
  • A3)   Had A Dad
  • A4)   Ted, Just Admit It...
  • A5)   Standing In The Shower... Thinking
  • B1)   Sommertime Rolls
  • B2)   Mountain Song
  • B3)   Idiots Rule
  • B4)   Jane Says
  • B5)   Thank You Boys

Track listing above is from UK & Europe | Warner Bros. Records - 925 727-1 LP

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