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Jane's Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual   

By far Jane's Addiction's best album, Ritual De Lo Habitual is chock full of songs that are both catchy and experimental. The singles "Stop" and "Been Caught Stealing" are good examples; "No One's Leaving" has a nice funk edge with some busy guitar work, and "Ain't No Right" and "Obvious" are strong as well. Unfortunately, "Three Days" and "Then She Did . . ." are overlong and get bogged down well short of halfway through, but the album finishes strongly with "Of Course" and "Classic Girl". Jane's Addiction's funk-punk-rock mix is appealing, and never more so than on this album. --Genevieve Williams

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  • A1)   Stop!
  • A2)   No One's Leaving
  • A3)   Ain't No Right
  • B1)   Obvious
  • B2)   Been Caught Stealing
  • C1)   Three Days
  • C2)   Then She Did...
  • D1)   Of Course
  • D2)   Classic Girl

Track listing above is from US | Warner Bros. Records - 9 25993-1 LP

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