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Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers   

When it appeared with much fanfare in 1969, Volunteers seemed likely to stand as the definitive statement for a new vanguard in rock. For starters, Volunteers is a more militant statement ("Got a revolution!") than the contemporaneous releases by the Airplane's rivals in rock's upper echelon, like the Stones, for example ("You can't always get what you want"). It turned out, however, that they didn't have a revolution, and you couldn't always get what you wanted. But while time has made their storm-the-barricades ethos seem a little silly, Volunteers still has some teeth. For starters, the hook found in both the album opener ("We Can Be Together") and closer (the title track) is one of those primal to-die-for rock riffs. And the Kantner/Slick/Balin-led ensemble was at the height of its vocal and instrumental powers. Volunteers isn't a great rock record, but it does provide a perspective on a time (the end of the '60s) and place (San Francisco) where the sense of poss


  • A1)   We Can Be Together
  • A2)   Good Shepherd
  • A3)   The Farm
  • A4)   Hey Fredrick
  • B1)   Turn My Life Down
  • B2)   Wooden Ships
  • B3)   Eskimo Blue Day
  • B4)   A Song For All Seasons
  • B5)   Meadowlands
  • B6)   Volunteers

Track listing above is from 1969-Jan-01 | Venezuela | RCA Victor - LPVS-1020 LP

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