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John Coltrane - A Love Supreme   

A Love Supreme, recorded and originally released in 1964, is one of those records that transcends genre. Any music lover must have a copy or three of this album in their collection, whether you consider yourself a fan of jazz or not (the same can be said for Miles' Kind of Blue, which, of course, Coltrane plays on as well).

A Love Supreme is a four part suite built starting with the four note simple "Love Supreme" theme, but Coltrane runs with it and takes this music to another place. I donno why, but hearing this album makes me want to sit down with a big mug of hot black coffee and just take it all in. A Love Supreme is an essential record to own on vinyl.

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  • A1)   Part 1 - Acknowledgement
  • A2)   Part 2 - Resolution
  • B)   Part 3 - Persuance / Part 4 - Psalm

Track listing above is from Europe | Impulse! - AS-77 LP

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