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John Lennon - Imagine   

The enduring legacy of John Lennon's best album has overshadowed a glaring historical irony: the Beatles' original architect was also responsible for some of the Fab Four's most erratic solo albums. His recording projects all too often held hostage to polemics both personal and political, Lennon's conflicting artistic sensibilities arguably reached perfect balance just once. Coproduced with an uncharacteristically subtle touch by Phil Spector (a stark contrast to his dense aural constructions for George Harrison's All Things Must Pass from the same period), this is Lennon as whole man. Here he exhibits childlike utopian optimism (the title track), extends romantic paeans to the love of his life ("Oh Yoko!" "Oh My Love," and "Jealous Guy," the latter two begun as White Album demos) and spews bitter, petty acrimony toward his former songwriting partner ("How Do You Sleep?"). Set against such expressions, Lennon's fervent antiestablishment tirades ("I Don't Want to Be a Soldier," "Gimme Some Truth


  • A1)   Imagine
  • A2)   Crippled Inside
  • A3)   Jealous Guy
  • A4)   It's So Hard
  • A5)   I Don't Want To Be A Soldier
  • B1)   Give Me Some Truth
  • B2)   Oh My Love
  • B3)   How Do You Sleep
  • B4)   How?
  • B5)   Oh Yoko!

Track listing above is from Bulgaria | Балкантон - BTA 12502 LP

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