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John Lennon - Shaved Fish   

Shaved Fish is the seventh album by John Lennon, released in October 1975 on Apple Records, catalogue SW 3421. It is a compilation of singles, comprising every one that he had issued in the United States as a solo artist with the exception of "Stand By Me," taken from the album Rock 'n' Roll. The only compilation of his non-Beatles recordings released during his lifetime, it was a commercial success, reaching #5 in the UK and #12 in the US, ultimately going platinum. It is currently out of print in any format. The compilation includes many of Lennon's most popular solo recordings, five of which had not yet appeared on an album.


  • A1)   Give Peace A Chance (Edited Version)
  • A2)   Cold Turkey
  • A3)   Instant Karma!
  • A4)   Power To The People
  • A5)   Mother
  • A6)   Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
  • B1)   Imagine
  • B2)   Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
  • B3)   Mind Games
  • B4)   #9 Dream
  • B5.a)   Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
  • B5.b)   Reprise: Give Peace A Chance

Track listing above is from 1975-Oct-24 | UK | Apple Records - PCS 7173 LP

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