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Kiss - Hotter Than Hell   

Hotter Than Hell is the second album from the rock group Kiss. It was certified Gold on June 23, 1977, having sold 500,000 copies. Musically, Hotter Than Hell is darker than the band's first album. This is partly due to the murkier production values, but also to the lyrical content of some of the songs. "Goin' Blind," which details a doomed romance with a 93-year-old and an underage girl, was a song written by Gene Simmons and Stephen Coronel during Wicked Lester's existence. The original title was "Little Lady." Hotter Than Hell featured far more overdubs than the first album. While Kerner and Wise wanted to produce a record that captured Kiss as a live act, they decided to take advantage of the experience the band had gained as recording artists. Although the album featured two songs penned solely by Frehley, he did not sing on either one of them. His lack of confidence in his singing abilities at the time led to lead vocal duties for "Parasite" and "Strange Ways" going to Gene Simmons and Peter Criss, respectively. Frehley's guitar solo in "Strange Ways" has been called one of his best.


  • A1)   Got To Choose
  • A2)   Parasite
  • A3)   Goin' Blind
  • A4)   Hotter Than Hell
  • A5)   Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll
  • B1)   All The Way
  • B2)   Watching You
  • B3)   Mainline
  • B4)   Coming Home
  • B5)   Strange Ways

Track listing above is from 1976-Jan-01 | Germany | Casablanca Records - 6399 058 LP

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