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Led Zeppelin - The Alternate Physical Graffiti   


  • A1)   Custard Pie (alternate version)
  • A2)   The Rover (accoustic vocal)
  • A3)   In my dying time (Headley orange sessions 1974)
  • A4)   Trampled under foot (Double vocal mix long version)
  • B1)   Kashmir (Instrumental version)
  • B2)   Swan song (instrumental version)
  • B3)   Swan song (instrumental version 2)
  • B4)   Boogie with stu (Alternate mix - Olympic studios, London , UK, 1974)
  • B5)   Wanton Song (alternate mix)
  • C1)   In the light (alternate version)
  • C2)   Ten years gone (Olympic studios, London , UK, 1974)
  • C3)   Night Flight (Olympic studios, London , UK, 1974 - Mix down session)
  • D1)   Sick again (Headley orange sessions 1974)
  • D2)   Take me home (Take 1-2)
  • D3)   In the morning Aka in the light (take 1)
  • D4)   Trampled under foot (Take 3-4 Headley orange sessions 1974)

Track listing above is from 2009-Jan-01 | Germany | The Swingin' Pig (2) - TSP 500-15/2 Limited Edition

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