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Led Zeppelin - Copenhagen Warm-Ups/The Second Night   


  • A1)   The Conversation Changes
  • A2)   Commeration Night
  • A3)   White Cat
  • A4)   Everybody's Flaw But Their
  • B1)   Under The Mountain And Nearby
  • B2)   Foggy Hill Jump
  • B3)   Since I've Been (Seven Till Eleven)
  • C1)   No Dimes
  • C2)   Five Weeks Here
  • C3)   Cold Cat
  • D1)   Snow Song
  • D2)   Black Winter/White Hilltop
  • D3)   Cashmere Sweater
  • E1)   Crushed Overhead
  • E2)   Afflicted Once More
  • E3)   Ulysses First Fall
  • F1)   So Low
  • F2)   In The Morning
  • F3)   Staircase To Above
  • F4)   Whole Lot Of Infatuation

Track listing above is from 1982-Jan-01 | US | Geiko-Sukuri - 3ZC-07249 LP

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