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Led Zeppelin - In Through The Outtakes   


  • A1)   Darlene
  • A2)   Fool In The Rain
  • A3)   Carouselambra
  • B1)   Fool In The Rain
  • B2)   Hot Dog
  • B3)   In The Evening
  • B4)   Southbound Saurez
  • C1)   The Wanton Song
  • C2)   The Wanton Song
  • C3)   Custard Pie
  • C4)   In The Light
  • C5)   Trampled Underfoot
  • C6)   Trampled Underfoot
  • C7)   Trampled Underfoot
  • C8)   Trampled Underfoot
  • C9)   Trampled Underfoot
  • D1)   Sick Again
  • D2)   The Rover
  • D3)   Hots On For Nowhere
  • D4)   In My Time Of Dying
  • D5)   In My Time Of Dying
  • D6)   In The Light

Track listing above is from France | Widget Recordworks - WW 101 LP

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