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Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same   

The Song Remains the Same is the soundtrack live album of the concert film of the same name by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. The album was originally released in 1976. The recording of the album and the film took place during three nights of concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden, during the band's 1973 concert tour of the United States. All songs were recorded by Eddie Kramer using the Wally Heider Mobile Studio truck, and later mixed at Electric Lady Studios in New York and Trident Studios in London. The album was released on 28 September 1976, by Swan Song Records. The sleeve design depicted a dilapidated movie house located on Old Street film studios in London, which was used by the group for rehearsals prior to their 1973 tour.

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  • A1)   Rock And Roll
  • A2)   Celebration Day
  • A3)   The Song Remains The Same
  • A4)   Rain Song
  • B1)   Dazed And Confused
  • C1)   No Quarter
  • C2)   Stairway To Heaven
  • D1)   Moby Dick
  • D2)   Whole Lotta Love

Track listing above is from 1976-Jan-01 | South Korea | Swan Song - OL W 271 SS 2-201 LP

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