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Led Zeppelin - Strange Tales From The Road   


  • A1)   C'mon Everybody
  • A2)   Whole Lotta Love
  • A3)   Communication Breakdown
  • A4)   Somthing Else
  • A5)   Bring It On Home
  • B1)   How Many More Times
  • B2)   Boogie Woogie
  • B3)   High Flying Mama
  • B4)   Leave My Woman Alone
  • C1)   The Song Remains The Same
  • C2)   Sick Again
  • C3)   Nobody's Fault But Mine
  • D1)   Since I've Been Loving You
  • D2)   No Quarter
  • E1)   Ten Years To Come
  • E2)   Who's To Blame
  • E3)   Carole's Theme
  • E4)   Merry Hopkins Never Had Days Like These
  • F1)   The Song Remains The Same
  • F2)   Sick Again
  • F3)   Nobody's Fault
  • G1)   The Song Remains The Same
  • G2)   Sick Again
  • G3)   Nobody's Fault
  • H1)   Over The Hills
  • H2)   Since I've Been Loving You
  • I)   No Quarter
  • J1)   Ten Years Gone
  • J2)   The Battle Of Evermore
  • K1)   Going To California
  • K2)   Black Country Woman
  • K3)   Bron-y-aur Stomp
  • L1)   White Summer
  • L2)   Black Mountain Side
  • L3)   Kashmir
  • M1)   Bring It On Home
  • M2)   How Long
  • M3)   Got My Money
  • M4)   Stormy Monday
  • N1)   Splanky
  • N2)   Big Boss Man
  • N3)   Whole Lot Of Energy
  • N4)   Love & Money
  • O1)   Invitation
  • O2)   Instrumental (Jimmy Solo)
  • O3)   King Of All I Survey
  • P1)   Got My Mojo Working
  • P2)   Every Day I Got The Blues
  • P3)   Hoochie Koochie Man
  • Q1)   White Summer
  • Q2)   Black Mountain Side
  • Q3)   Kashmir
  • R1)   Achilles Last Stand
  • R2)   Stairway To Heaven
  • S1)   Santa Claus Is Back In Town
  • S2)   Spaghetti Junction
  • S3)   Black Dog
  • S4)   That's The Way
  • T)   Dazed And Confused

Track listing above is from 1986-Jan-01 | US | Rock Solid - RSR 243 LP

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