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Neil Young - Are You Passionate?   

Though Are You Passionate? is Neil Young's studio-recorded follow-up to 2000's Silver & Gold, it might well have emerged on the heels of Harvest Moon. While both Crazy Horse and Booker T. & the MGs swing by to add ballast to several of these 11 brand-new tracks, gentle weepers like "Don't Say You Love Me," "When I Hold You in My Arms," and the softly lilting title track recall Young's aforementioned 1992 work while suggesting that the once outspoken social critic and on-again, off-again CSN&Y member is mellowing. Further proof of that can be found in the tender opening song, "You're My Girl"--a postcard from a father to a daughter on the cusp of adulthood and presumably inspired by Young's daughter Amber--as well as in the lazy, languid "Two Old Friends." Are You Passionate?'s one serious clunker, "Let's Roll," was inspired by the 9/11 cell-phone call Todd Beamer placed moments before he and other passengers on Flight 93 went down in a Pennsylvania field. You can't fault the guy f


  • A1)   You're My Girl
  • A2)   Mr. Disappointment
  • A3)   Differently
  • B1)   Quit (Don't Say You Love Me)
  • B2)   Let's Roll
  • B3)   Are You Passionate?
  • C1)   Goin' Home
  • C2)   When I Hold You In My Arms
  • C3)   Be With You
  • D1)   Two Old Friends
  • D2)   She's A Healer

Track listing above is from 2002-Jan-01 | Germany | Vapor Records - 9362 48111 1 LP

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