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Neil Young - Living With War   

Even if you don't agree with Neil Young's politics, you can't help but be daunted by the intersection of his genius and ire on his second album in less than seven months. It is the very rare artist who is able to channel indignation and moral disgust in such a coherent and forceful way--without sacrificing any of the vivid imagery, passion, or the high level of musicality that we have come to expect from him over the past four decades. But that's not what elevates this album: it's his pure, naked, visceral reaction to the Bush administration's foreign policy, building on a canon of outrage that he began with 1970's "Ohio," penned in the wake of the Kent State student deaths. But here he goes one better, filling in the lines that he began to draw on 2003's Greendale about a family caught in changing times. But Young's done with musing about lost ideals. On Living with War, he demands much more from his audience, and himself. This is nothing less than a call for fearless action in extraordinarily


  • A1)   After The Garden
  • A2)   Living With War
  • A3)   The Restless Consumer
  • A4)   Shock And Awe
  • B1)   Families
  • B2)   Flags Of Freedom
  • B3)   Let's Impeach The President
  • B4)   Lookin' For A Leader
  • B5)   Roger And Out
  • B6)   America The Beautiful

Track listing above is from 2008-Apr-28 | US | Classic Records - 43265-1 LP

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