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Neil Young - Sugar Mountain - Live At Canterbury House 1968   


  • A1)   [Emcee Intro.]
  • A2)   On The Way Home
  • A3)   Songwriting Rap
  • A4)   Mr. Soul
  • A5)   Recording Rap
  • A6)   Expecting To Fly
  • A7)   The Last Trip To Tulsa
  • B1)   Bookstore Ra
  • B2)   The Loner
  • B3)   "I Used Too..." Rap
  • B4)   Birds
  • B5)   Winterlong (Excerpt) & Out Of My Mind - Intro.
  • B6)   Out Of My Mind
  • C1)   If I Could See Her Tonight
  • C2)   Classical Gas Rap
  • C3)   Sugar Mountain - Intro.
  • C4)   Sugar Mountain
  • C5)   I've Been Waiting For You
  • C6)   Songs Rap
  • C7)   Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
  • D1)   Tuning Rap & The Old Laughing Lady - Intro.
  • D2)   The Old Laughing Lady
  • D3)   Broken Arrow

Track listing above is from 2009-Apr-17 | US | Reprise Records - 512563-1 LP

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