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Neil Young - Time Fades Away   

Time Fades Away is a 1973 live album by Neil Young, consisting of previously unreleased material. Recorded with The Stray Gators on one of the tours supporting 1972's highly successful Harvest, the album has only ever been released on the vinyl format, and has not been reissued due to Young's dissatisfaction with that particular series of concerts. Though Time Fades Away received much critical praise, has been widely pirated, and is highly sought after by fans, there are no current plans to reissue the album.


  • A1)   Time Fades Away
  • A2)   Journey Through The Past
  • A3)   Yonder Stands The Sinner
  • A4)   L.A.
  • A5)   Love In Mind
  • B1)   Don't Be Denied
  • B2)   The Bridge
  • B3)   Last Dance

Track listing above is from Germany | Reprise Records - REP 54010 (MS 2151) LP

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