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Neil Young - Trans   

Trans is the 14th studio album by Neil Young, released in 1982. Recorded partially and released during his notorious Geffen era in the 1980s, Trans baffled many Neil Young fans. Some suggested that the album could be a satirical message that Young was trying to send about the direction music was headed in the future. A vocoder features prominently in five of the nine tracks. While the album was poorly received, some critics point out that the melodies are strong and that the album involves Young addressing new musical movements, as he did previously on Rust Never Sleeps and later with the grunge movement.


  • A1)   Little Thing Called Love
  • A2)   Computer Age
  • A3)   We R In Control
  • A4)   Transformer Man
  • A5)   Computer Cowboy (AKA Syscrusher)
  • B1)   Hold On To Your Love
  • B2)   Sample And Hold
  • B3)   Mr. Soul
  • B4)   Like An Inca

Track listing above is from 1982-Jan-01 | UK | Geffen Records - GEF 25019 LP

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